Crying again.

Again, we weep together over what Terrorist Losers have done to innocent people. Those in Manchester, England, I’m so sorry for your loss!! Please know America and the world cries with you and you have our prayers. We must come together to stop ISIS from taking innocent lives.  This is a world problem and must fight them as one. Hang in there, Manchester, England!! We got your back!!! (I look forward to the day when I no longer post these posts.) God’s blessings on everyone. Let’s be nice to each other, ok? Pass the love onto others, my amazing writers.

Back to Showing again.

I’ve started reading a book called The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

One thing that has jumped out at me is the way Elizabeth puts a spotlight on things she finds important. Meaning instead of saying

Beatrix hoped her daughter would grow into someone important, Elizabeth wrote:


She prayed that her daughter would grow up to be healthy and sensible and intelligent, and would never form associations with overly powerdered girls, or laugh at vulgar stories, or sit at gaming tables with careless men, or read French novels, or behave in a manner suited only to a savage Indian, or in any way whatsoever become the worse sort of discredit to a good family, namely, that she not grow up to be enn onnozelaar, a simpleton.


Notice how much information is packed into that small paragraph. We see the Mother’s personality drilled straight to the reader. Mother is

  • Probably a rich woman who came from a ‘good family.’ A lot of pride there.
  • She wants her daughter to have a great and respected upbringing. In other words, she would be a Lady and not a ‘simpleton’.
  • Could the mother be doing this for her or for her daughter? It seems this is more for mom that for the baby. Why not just say, I want her to explore herself and find out who she is in life. To find job that she will love and love life. Instead the mom focused on her daughter being the Star of the family.

That’s the joy of Showing. It allows you, the writer, to dig deep into a character and to find out more of who they are as opposed to a person on a page.

So how do you do this? You start by not worrying about how it will sound to others. You drop your defenses and jump in. You just let it flow out of you. Notice how Elizabeth’s words have almost a rhythem to them like a bubbling creek has a rhythem to it. That’s the place you want to be. The words seem to flow together to become something bigger than words on a page. It has life. The more you worry that the reader won’t get it, the worse a writer you will become, so stop worrying!!! Don’t compare to someone else and PLEASE!! Don’t allow other writers to tell you that your style is WRONG. It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s not their style or how they would direct the story. You’re the captain of your own ship.  Yes, you do need advice on things you are doing wrong, but some writers would take Elizabeth’s beautiful paragraph and tell her to make it simplier. “Just write that the mother wanted something bigger for her daughter.” Boring!!! Not to mention, it’s not Elizabeth, it’s someone else. Boring!! So be you!!!

This is the hardest thing to writing. It’s like learning to ride a bike. It looks terrifying but once you get the hang of it, you will speed onto new adventures. So take a deep breath and just write what comes to your mind. Don’t worry about what others will think, just write until you feel like you’ve connected with your character and start to see them as they really are, not as you want them to be.

It’s hard to explain how to write in your own voice. You write without worrying about what others think or feel. You write what you want to read and explore, not what you think others want you to do. You write what becomes natural to you.

Depression can be interesting

So I seem to have been suffering from a mild depression for a few years. Being laid off from my job, my father dying and dealing with difficult people has turned me into blue mess. But I seem to have snapped out of it and so I feel I am back on the writing trail.

Depression can be difficult as most of us know. But at the same time, it can be refreshing. Refreshing?? I’ve learned what is so very important in my life. Jesus, my life, my family, (My favey Aunt Polly and my mom who is my biggest fan and wants me to finish my book because the characters never made it back to the castle.)  My cousins and my amazing friends who have stood next to me through it all. ‘

Depression seems show you want is important in life. It’s also great writing fodder.  Losing interest in things you love, not caring for anything or anyone, dragging yourself through life, wicked. Very wicked. Thinking the sadness will never end, that there is no end to this and for me, it was when I dealt with problems and eliminated the toxic people from my life that the blues turned into sunshine.

Sometimes it’s best to let toxic people go their own way and cling to those who care for you and find you amazing. Don’t waste your time on the toxic people. They have to find their own way through life. Hopefully they will find their own paths. So hang in there, amazing writers!!

Well, I made it to the so-called ‘Big Time’.

So I”m back again after some bad things happening and going down a dark, depressing road. I am back though.  And I aim to stay.

So the book is now out in a book store, you can order it online, some folks think I”m talented and amazing and how does it feel? Busy, overwhelmed and unsure how to sell the book despite my marketing degree.  Does it feel great? It did, but it lasted for maybe about a few days, then reality hit, how do I sell this thing?? I have no idea.

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Our pirate queen woes

A dream is kinda like a rollercoaster – you’ll hit triumphs, like getting the O’Flaherty clan women to love you. You’ll hit downfalls, like having to marry Donal (yech.) You’ll think you’re winning only to be slapped back to worse than where you started. 7 years may pass. Keep dreaming. This isn’t the end of the story.

What a great story of a woman who has a great dream, only to see it smashed by others who are stupid. Don’t despair, my amazing geeks, there is still hope for you!!

Source: Our pirate queen woes

Success, part 2

I’m adding a bit to my success post because I want it it to stand alone. This really touched me and changed my whole view on success.

In 1940, Walt Disney’s daughters fell in love with the book Mary Poppins and for twenty years, Walt tried to persuaded PT Travers to sell him the rights to her book. In 1961, she agreed but she had control over the movie. Two composers, Richard and Robert Sherman, wrote a song called Feed the Birds.

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Prayers for Paris

As we all now know, terrorists attacked Paris last night. My heart and prayers go to those in Paris. I’m so sorry this happened and know those of us in the United States stand by you and you are all in our prayers. And please, young people, know ISIS is a murderous group. Don’t join them or listen to them. The concert that the terrorist attacked was filled with young people, teens to 20 somethings. Don’t join this satanic group. Hang in there, Paris!

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