More Christian prompts

1)      An angel appears before Lucy. God needs her to do something very important, but dangerous and she could die.  Men will hate her and her family will turn from her.  What does he say to her? Does she do it?  What happens to her?

2)      Your character in your WIP buys a pet.  What does he buy?  What does he name it?  Have them interact.  What happens?

3)      Are you for the president of the US?  If so, then write from a radio host who doesn’t like the president.  If you don’t like the president, then write from a radio host how loves him. 

4)      Remember something funny that happened when you were a child.  Now write that from the POV of a character of a story.  How does it change?

5)      I got this idea from Max Lacado.  Put Jesus in modern times.  He is a plumber named Bob who just feed a football field of people ham sandwiches.  He took a little boy’s lunch of ham sandwiches and pretzels and feed 5000 people.  He goes into hospitals and heals people.  He claims he is the Son of God, but the religious leaders say he’s not.  He healed the son of a senator from California and healed a general’s butler.  Now a write a short story about how folks see him.  What happens? 

6)      A healing wave breaks out in your church.  The pastor knows it’s from God, but an elder has a problem with it.  What happens? 

7)      Lucy is kidnapped by a serial killer and she has to trust God to deliver her.  What happens?

8)      You’re Eve or Adam and this is your first day of living.  What happens?

9)      Describe the day Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden.  What happens?

10)  Take the POV from Noah’s neighbors as he was building the arc.  What did they say and why?  Write a 500 word short story.  Can you turn this into a story? 

11)  Write a short story about a day in Joseph’s day when he was in prison.

12)  What did Joseph and his brothers discuss when they found out Joseph was the governor?  Write a 500 word short story.

13)  How did David and Jonathon become such close friends?  Write a 500 word short story.

14)  Did Delilah really love Samson?  Write a 500 or more short story about them.  If she loved him, then why did she betray him?  If not, then why did she stay with him?

15)  Continuing with the above prompt, what happened to Delilah when she heard about Samson’s punishment and death? Judges 16.

16)  What happened to the daughter of Jephthah?  Judges 11:34-40. Write a 500 or more word short story of her life after her father’s vow to God.

17)   King Jehoshaphat appoints some of the people to go before the army, praising God. 2 Chronicles 20:2. Create a character and put him in this group.  What goes through his mind?  What does he see, feel, hear and smell?  Write 500 or more words.

18)  Create a character who is sitting on the wall, listening to the servants of King Sennacherib (2 chronicles 32) mock God and King Hezekiah.  What happens?  What does he see?  Now this same character witnesses first hand the angel cutting down Sennacherib’s army.  Describe it, 500 or more words.

19)  How did Hilkiah the priest find the Book of Moses?  What happened to him?  How did he react to it?  Why did he give it to Shaphan the scribe? 2 chronicles 34:15

20)  Create a character who witnesses Elijah victory at Mount Carmel.  I kings 18: 21.  What happens?  What does he/she see, feel, hear, smell?  Does she get to talk to Elijah?  What happens? 

21)  Describe what happened on the day the Israelites completed the temple.  Create a character who is there and what he sees and experiences.  Ezra 7:13-22

22)  Create a character who fights by Joshua’s side and he hears Joshua pray that the sun doesn’t move until Joshua kills his enemies.  Joshua 10:12.  Write in first person from this character’s pov as to what happens and what he sees.

23)  Write from Rahab’s pov when Joshua’s men marched around the city. Joshua 6.

24)  What happened to Jeremiah when he was in the dungeon of the king?  Jeremiah 38.

25)  What is Jesus’ New Years resolutions?

26)  Your phone rings and God is on the line.  What does he say?

27)  You find your great-great-great grandma’s bible.  What does she write in it? 

28)  You find a tomb stone that says, “To God be the Glory.”  What happened to this person to bring glory to God?

29)  You go back into time and run into David when he was running from Saul.  He’s depressed.  What do you tell him?

30)  Read 1 chronicles 11:10-47.  Now pick out a mighty man and write a short story about him.  Don’t be afraid to make stuff up about him or you can do some research and write about him.

31)  Read a psalm and write a short story as to why David wrote it.  Now write a short story about how that psalm relates to you.

32)  Queen Esther and ex-queen Vishti meet.  What do they say? Esther 1

33) Describe what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and AbedNego experienced in the fiery furnace.   Write a short story, 500 or more words,  from one their pov’s.  Daniel 3

34)  Five year old Sally’s pet turtle, Turky, dies.  She asks mommy/daddy, “Will Turky be in heaven when I get there?” What does mommy/daddy say?  Write a 500 word short story. 

35) Describe what happens when we praise God.  You can use any pov, or create a character who sees this.  Be descriptive.

36) Take any horror film and add a bible believing, God-loving Christian in it.  You can write from her/his pov or from third pov.  (Come on, you all know you’ve wanted to do this for some time. 🙂 )

37) Now write from the killer’s pov as to what he sees or experiences in the christian.

38) The neighborhood kids claim the old lady down the street is a witch.  Her house is falling apart, the paint is chipping, the walk is full of weeds and kids say they can hear cats screaming at night. They claim she eats dogs for dinner and has been known to eat a child or two.  Who is this lady in reality?  Write from her pov.  Then go visit the old, scary lady down the street.  🙂

39) Write a 500 word essay about how God either saved your life or answered a much needed prayer.  Now add this to a character and write a short story about what God did to her/him. 

40)  Write down your dreams for one week.  Then take one of those dreams and add it to a character. Write a 500 or more words short story. 

41) God dispatches the angels to a very important mission. They must fight demons to achieve their mission.  What is it?  Take the story from one of the angel’s pov.

42)  Jesus has a MySpace page.  What does he put on it?


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