I’m so proud of myself!!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?? Not this old dog, that’s for sure!  Diane Eble, my new angel: http://www.yourbookpublishingcoach.com/ had an interview with Cathy Perkins: http://www.thewordpressworkshop.com/ on how in the world to navagate these blogs.  She is having teleclasses in April and I certainly am wanting to take them. 

I learned from Cathy that THIS, yes THIS , is my website.  Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!! Who’d a thunk?  This is this baby-boomer’s website.  Kitty is so proud, she’s meowing to all her friends, “Look what my mommy can do!”  I figured out how to put up tabs on my sight.  TABS!!! I HAVE TABS!!! Oh, happy days!!!!  Now I need to write the back stories for my novel, post them along with my first chapter of my novel.  Just to wet your whistle of course.  :))  Anyway, check out my new angel, Diane.  She’s really cool and will hold the writer’s hand while giving the poor trembling writer cookies and milk.  She’s a keeper!! AND I HAVE TABS!!!!!


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