When your characters rebel.

So the story is done and ready to go.  All I need is an agent and a publisher.  Oh, and the Marines would be nice too, if I can get them.  You see, my characters have done a good old fashion mutany on me.   Ok, so that does sound weird, but it’s true.  The story was SUPPOSED to be about Imogene sucked into Ezasu and then she must trust these hot guys to get her home, while a demon pursues her.  But Conell seems to be a bully.  He TOOK over the story!!! I mean, come on!!  He’s got this bad secret that you find out in my synopis, don’t read it, get back here!! and, well, he wanted to share it with the world.  So he took over my story.  Now I need to rewrite most of the novel. Thank God it’s only parts of it and not  all of it. Sigh . . . mean old Conell! 

So Ms Imogene gets the last book for herself.  I was going to dedicate it to Jezebel, but nooooooo!! Conell went and ruined it.  I’m going to rewrite the first chapter tomorrow, so MAYBE Conell will be happy, although I don’t know.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  We’ll see.  Meanie!!


One thought on “When your characters rebel.

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  1. LOL! I have a character-driven writing process, so my characters do this all the time. I’ve never had control of that. I have control over what effects their actions cause…unless another character deals it out, in which case…my hands are still tied.

    Now, I don’t always buckle under and give them their story NOW. For instance, when I wrote book one of Night Warriors, Colin was sulking and telling me his brothers were wrong about him. I let him stew then let him tell his side later. And darned if he wasn’t right about it.



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