What I’ve learned so far about the writing world

What I’ve learned so far? Writing isn’t easy and if you think you understand the writing industry, guess what? You don’t!! It’s a lot more complicated and a lot of hard work. I love my publishers Little Roni Publishers, because they push me harder than I ever thought I could do. They expect a lot out of me which is what I need. I’m happy I’m with them, but am glad they are there to hold my hand and whip my butt when needed.

I’ve been looking into conferences for this and next year as I love to teach writing lessons. One of the lessons I want to teach is how to write Despair into the novel. I see a lot of Christian novels that have horrible situations and yet the characters seem untouched by them. Yet when I read the Hunger Games, I see horror, pain, terror, tears and hope. So shouldn’t the Christian novel include all those emotions also? Or are we exempt? I look back at my own life and I see how hard it has been. It sure wan’t roses and lollipops, but instead has been a long hard road and God has been there for me every step of the way. If not for Jesus, I would have died years ago. There was a lot of tears and anger. Yes, i do trust in Jesus to carry me, but sometimes He has to drag me kicking and screaming.

So why keep these things from the novel? Why not examine them and see what’s inside of them? So I dissect the Human mind. It’s a scary place to be, that’s for sure!! The mind is very complicated but amazing. But God is good all the time. So why not examine that pain and success?

Anyway, back to what I’ve learned. Proper writing skills are needed: Showing, not telling, proper punctuation and spelling, following and bending the rules of writing. Don’t ever think you know it all when you don’t. That will stop you in your tracks. So don’t stop learning, don’t stop trying, never surrender, never give up. Hang in there, writers!!


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