How’s the weather?

So one of my amazingly talented writers asked me a very important question:

So what’s the weather like in your novel?

The weather? Um ….. 70’s degrees and very sunny?

Sigh … I forgot about the weather!! So why is weather so important in the novel? Well, warm and sunny can get a bit, well, boring!!

Using the weather can create drama. Remember the movie Twister? Remember who the bad guy was? Yeap, a Twister. Twister had to have his own dressing trailer and would only eat the red M&Ms.  Very cranky too. But remember the suspense when the sky became dark and Twister was released on the viewers? Wouldn’t work if the weather was 70 and sunny.

How about the movie, The Fog? Guess what the producer used in the movie? Yeap, Fog. Easy, huh? The ghosts lived and traveled in the fog. So it was really creepy. I never saw Fog the same way.

And how can I forget the Shining!!! Mahahahahaha!! The poor Torrances who were trapped in a haunted hotel and a snow storm raged all around them. Then that same snow storm kept poor Dick Hollorman on his toes. All this contributed to the plot and hindered the characters.

So what could I include? Well, right now it’s sunny and a warm 70 degrees in happy Ezasu. So let’s turn up the heat a bit. In the second book, Fall is approaching and soon winter!! OOOOO!!! Christmas is right around the corner for our little Imie!!! She’ll have to spend it away from her family. Not to mention, how does a girl who lives in  a warm home, go to a warm school, wear warm clothes in the dead of winter survive a snowy season? I have no clue!! But we’ll find out!!!

And you all know you get a smile on your face with the first magical snowfall. You have to grab a cup of tea, snuggle into a blanket and watch the snow fly. Then there’s the lovely part of shoveling. Yeah, that’s why I live in a condo so I don’t have to shovel snow.  So my question to myself is: Are the snowfalls different in Ezasu or the same as here? Well, if they have a planet like earth, then they would probably be like on earth. But how would the people SEE snowfall? We see it as bothersome, annoying, fun, traffic, no school, no work. Now what about a culture that doesn’t have heat, warm clothes, warm homes? A good question, I have no clue!! But we’ll find out.

So don’t be like me and forget the weather. It can make an interesting companion. Plus weather will feel bad if it’s excluded. Very sad.

Here’s website I found that goes into more detail. writing about the weather

Enjoy, my wonderfully talented writers!!!


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