Keeping people on the hook

I come from a long line of knights that extend to 1190A with my grandfather Robert Lawrence who rode in the Third Crusade. From Robert up to 1600’s, knights in shinning armor have been a  common place in my family. So when I see someone in trouble, I jump on my horse and try to rescue them. But what does one do when that person doesn’t want rescuing? 

I ran into a problem when I came across a writer who did a huge no-no. I tried to show this person, hey, you’ve got a problem here and it could get you into grave trouble.

Instead of saying, thanks! The writer turned on my, cussed me out and sent her friend to bully me on the internet. We had an exchange of words and the Lord laid upon my heart, put her back on the hook.

In other words, sometimes it’s best to leave folks on the hook and their problem exposed to the world and wave bye-bye. Some folks don’t want to be rescued. They’d rather ride out the storm, or take a chance or they just don’t care. This person didn’t care. I have a feeling they knew what they did was wrong, but they didn’t care. So I said I was sorry, deleted all my posts and waved bye-bye. The sad part is one day the dragon will catch up to the person and eat them alive. Oh well.

Does it hurt to have someone turn on you? Sure does. But it’s the chance we take if we want to rescue folks. If we want to be kind to them. Some folks want to be rescued and others don’t care for it. So you take a chance, a draw of the cards. They may or may not like you, they may or may not be grateful.

So I understand a little of why God gives us Grace. He rescues us, but we may say NO! Or He rescues us and we turn on him like a rabid dog. He tries to help, but people bite His hands. But He never gives up on us. He never gives up on me. That’s a nice thought in a horrible world.

So will I stop rescuing people? Probably not. It’s in my blood. But I am wiser now. I’ll tread softly, ask questions and if they say no thanks then I’ll just move on.


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