The world needs more love letters

A friend of mine introduced me to a very sweet young lady named Hannah Brencher who is now a writer, blogger and public speaker. She is very transparent and very honest and very kind. She also has a company called The World Needs More Love Letters in which you can write encouraging letters to people who need help. There’s no money involved, just being kind to others. 

I saw a webinar of Hannah the other day and she said something that made me go, mmmm …. She talked about breaking out of her box and stretching herself. She has a good point also. How many times have I, I”m picking on myself, said I can’t do this or that because of this problem. She said Stop sleeping with liars, meaning stop believing in the lies that you or someone else has told you. You can’t do this or that. You’ll never be this or that. You can’t sell a book, you, can’t write a book ,you can’t follow your dreams, blah, blah, blah. Those nasties can steal your life and your dreams. But it’s so much easier to listen to why you can’t do something as opposed to I can do something.

I love to make cosplay costumes. My friend pointed out that it took a long time for me to make a cape for her, which she’s right, it did take me almost a year to do it. Yet it took me two months to make a Star Wars costume (3 pieces) for a friend’s son. The difference? I was sleeping with the liars. I listened to the liar and all that he had to say. You can’t make that costume, you can’t do that. Who do you think you are??

Yet I did it and the young man loved, loved, loved it. He was very excited over it and so was I. I stopped sleeping with liars. I’ve turned off the TV in fact, I’d like to just have Netflex and youtube for my TV and just focus on what the liars told me not to do. So stop sleeping with them.

Now back to the love letters. Hannah started the love letters by leaving them over New York and soon it caught on. Others wanted in. Now Hannah gets emails from all kinds of people who want letters for others who are battling cancer, depression, loss of a spouse, etc and in this crazy world that has lost its mind, it’s nice to see something good and uplifting. There’s no exchange of money or personal addresses, just a nice friendly ‘you’ll be ok’ letter sent to a stranger.  It’s nice to see warmth in humanity when it seems to have grown cold. So check out Hannah, she’s kind, she won’t bite.


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