I Sometimes Hate Media

I hate Media TV, moves, etc. Why? Because of characters who die.

Case in point, oh, and spoiler alert!! You’ve been warned!!!

Han Solo is now officially dead. Yes, the character I wanted to marry when I was only thirteen is now officially in the grave, or fell into a huge vat thingie. Disney decided to kill him off. How horrifying was it when I sat with my friend in the theater and she said, “He’s going to kill Han!!” And Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, the man who survived Boba Fett, Jabba the Hut, Darth Vader and all kinds of other Star Wars villains was killed by his own son!! So now the beloved character is gone, dead, finished.  And my heart cracked in two.

I really hate it when a beloved character dies. It happens all the time. This is why I hate getting involved with shows. Someone has to die. It’s like a cruel rule that a monster created. Let’s kill him off!! I hate that. Don’t make me fall for the character only to watch him die. Yeah, I know, I need help


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