Well, I made it to the so-called ‘Big Time’.

So I”m back again after some bad things happening and going down a dark, depressing road. I am back though.  And I aim to stay.

So the book is now out in a book store, you can order it online, some folks think I”m talented and amazing and how does it feel? Busy, overwhelmed and unsure how to sell the book despite my marketing degree.  Does it feel great? It did, but it lasted for maybe about a few days, then reality hit, how do I sell this thing?? I have no idea.

I’m beginning to see that there really isn’t a marketing formula for selling a book. The best thing you can do is get the book in front of the right people. Selling your fantasy novel in a cozy book atmosphere really won’t cut it. You have to sell to the right market. So fantasy for fantasy people. Comic Cons, fantasy conventions, steampunk conventions and the such.

Next, have one word to sell your book.

Hidden Secrets = Redemption

BOOM! Done.

Folks love redemption because everyone wants it.

Next you need the good old fashion elevator pitch. That pitch should only be 30 seconds long, so time yourself. Write it out, talk to your reflection in the mirror, recite your pitch in the car and to your friends.

Conell De Caprise is an eighteen-year-old prince who did a horrible deed when he was was just seven years old which killed everyone including his parents in the castle. The regent queen betrayed him and tossed him into prison. He escapes with his three friends, one being a 16 year old girl who claims a strange medallion brought her from our world to his. He has to try to fight through Post traumatic stress syndrome while fending off a demon who pursues them for the medallion and the girl. The demon believes both will give him great powers to take back the land he once owned. Conell cares little for the throne and only wants redemption. 

Done. You don’t need to bring in all the characters, plot points, dialogue or back stories. Short and sweet. Be ready to recite this to anyone and keep your books in your car in case someone wants to buy one.

Now, you can’t tell someone who is into cozy Amish stories that your story has a demon in it. Nope, not interested. Thanks. But I can say that my story has a Christian underlying like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and a bit of a love story. So ask first, what books do you like? Then take it from there. Make the book fit them. But be honest. My book is classified as a Christian novel with Christian themes. An atheist might not be happy with me if I keep that info from them, so I’m honest and say it has a Christian theme.  Then I let the chips fall where they may. Be honest, don’t lie, don’t manipulate to get the sale.

And most of all and the most important of selling:


Sales are not as important as the person in front of you. Listen to them, if they bring up problems, listen. If they talk about their kids, listen. If they talk about their day, listen even if they don’t buy your book. Today’s society is violent to the point folks are having fist fights on planes. I mean really? Planes?? It’s so nice to have someone listen to you, even for a few minutes. So be nice, don’t be so concerned about the sell. Get your name out there, but please, be kind to others. Folks may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you treated them.

It isn’t easy to get your books out there and it takes a lot of work. Research everything before making a commitment. What seems like a great selling idea might be a waste of time, so really think things through.

Right Market? Yes? Go for it. Wrong market? Maybe not. Maybe yes.

Got your one word for the story, elevator pitch, and right market? YES!!

So take your time in selling, think about what you are doing, write up and always edit a marketing plan and enjoy the people you meet. They are priceless and amazing. I had fun meeting new folks and hope they are enjoying my book.

But the most important thing that you need to remember is that your book won’t meet any of your needs. It won’t make you popular or loved or admired or rich or talented or ‘important’. Nope, but it will make you busy. So please don’t do this because you think it will make you into something. it won’t, but  God will. Your family will, Your friends will. So remember go back and read Feed the birds post so you’ll remember why you’re writing books.


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