Depression can be interesting

So I seem to have been suffering from a mild depression for a few years. Being laid off from my job, my father dying and dealing with difficult people has turned me into blue mess. But I seem to have snapped out of it and so I feel I am back on the writing trail.

Depression can be difficult as most of us know. But at the same time, it can be refreshing. Refreshing?? I’ve learned what is so very important in my life. Jesus, my life, my family, (My favey Aunt Polly and my mom who is my biggest fan and wants me to finish my book because the characters never made it back to the castle.)  My cousins and my amazing friends who have stood next to me through it all. ‘

Depression seems show you want is important in life. It’s also great writing fodder.  Losing interest in things you love, not caring for anything or anyone, dragging yourself through life, wicked. Very wicked. Thinking the sadness will never end, that there is no end to this and for me, it was when I dealt with problems and eliminated the toxic people from my life that the blues turned into sunshine.

Sometimes it’s best to let toxic people go their own way and cling to those who care for you and find you amazing. Don’t waste your time on the toxic people. They have to find their own way through life. Hopefully they will find their own paths. So hang in there, amazing writers!!


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