More Christian prompts

1)      An angel appears before Lucy. God needs her to do something very important, but dangerous and she could die.  Men will hate her and her family will turn from her.  What does he say to her? Does she do it?  What happens to her?

2)      Your character in your WIP buys a pet.  What does he buy?  What does he name it?  Have them interact.  What happens?

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Christian writing prompts

I’ve always wanted these, couldn’t find them, so I came up with my own.  Feel free to use them:

1)      Pick a character in the bible and describe his/her day.  What are his/her struggles, joys, frustrations, ect.  Write at least 500 words.  Can you make a story out of this? 

2)      Describe how a Pharisee saw Jesus standing on the steps of the temple.  What did he see and hear?  Use all the senses.

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