Keeping people on the hook

I come from a long line of knights that extend to 1190A with my grandfather Robert Lawrence who rode in the Third Crusade. From Robert up to 1600’s, knights in shinning armor have been a  common place in my family. So when I see someone in trouble, I jump on my horse and try to rescue them. But what does one do when that person doesn’t want rescuing?  Continue reading

The world needs more love letters

A friend of mine introduced me to a very sweet young lady named Hannah Brencher who is now a writer, blogger and public speaker. She is very transparent and very honest and very kind. She also has a company called The World Needs More Love Letters in which you can write encouraging letters to people who need help. There’s no money involved, just being kind to others.  Continue reading

Fanfiction and Copyright laws

I love fanfiction. I do some myself and I enjoy reading others’ fanfiction work. But we need to remember, fanfiction is still under copyright laws. I came across a person who decided to self-publish his own fanfiction novel based on an established character. Ouch!!!  Writing fanfiction and copying the work to a fanfiction website is still pretty iffy. Self-publishing it is a definite no-no!! Continue reading

How’s the weather?

So one of my amazingly talented writers asked me a very important question:

So what’s the weather like in your novel?

The weather? Um ….. 70’s degrees and very sunny?

Sigh … I forgot about the weather!! So why is weather so important in the novel? Well, warm and sunny can get a bit, well, boring!!

Using the weather can create drama. Remember the movie Twister? Remember who the bad guy was? Yeap, a Twister. Twister had to have his own dressing trailer and would only eat the red M&Ms.  Very cranky too. But remember the suspense when the sky became dark and Twister was released on the viewers? Wouldn’t work if the weather was 70 and sunny.

How about the movie, The Fog? Guess what the producer used in the movie? Yeap, Fog. Easy, huh? The ghosts lived and traveled in the fog. So it was really creepy. I never saw Fog the same way.

And how can I forget the Shining!!! Mahahahahaha!! The poor Torrances who were trapped in a haunted hotel and a snow storm raged all around them. Then that same snow storm kept poor Dick Hollorman on his toes. All this contributed to the plot and hindered the characters.

So what could I include? Well, right now it’s sunny and a warm 70 degrees in happy Ezasu. So let’s turn up the heat a bit. In the second book, Fall is approaching and soon winter!! OOOOO!!! Christmas is right around the corner for our little Imie!!! She’ll have to spend it away from her family. Not to mention, how does a girl who lives in  a warm home, go to a warm school, wear warm clothes in the dead of winter survive a snowy season? I have no clue!! But we’ll find out!!!

And you all know you get a smile on your face with the first magical snowfall. You have to grab a cup of tea, snuggle into a blanket and watch the snow fly. Then there’s the lovely part of shoveling. Yeah, that’s why I live in a condo so I don’t have to shovel snow.  So my question to myself is: Are the snowfalls different in Ezasu or the same as here? Well, if they have a planet like earth, then they would probably be like on earth. But how would the people SEE snowfall? We see it as bothersome, annoying, fun, traffic, no school, no work. Now what about a culture that doesn’t have heat, warm clothes, warm homes? A good question, I have no clue!! But we’ll find out.

So don’t be like me and forget the weather. It can make an interesting companion. Plus weather will feel bad if it’s excluded. Very sad.

Here’s website I found that goes into more detail. writing about the weather

Enjoy, my wonderfully talented writers!!!

I’m back!!

Yeah, I know, I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been working on the second book of my series, The Last Maul.  My first novel, Hidden Secrets, should hopefully be out next Spring, which is a great time! I don’t like winter. i hate the thought of driving in all that snow.

The things I’ve learned about writing a novel is you have to know how to write and know your grammar! My poor publisher now has writer’s cramp from fixing my boo-boos. So make sure  you know your P and Qs.

Write what you love and don’t worry if you don’t know much about the subject. You can always research it. And if you do write about what you don’t understand, make sure someone who understands your subject reads your works and listen, listen, listen.

Be professional when someone disagrees with you book, your blog post, etc. I had posted a reply on a blog and the writer basically scolded me for disagreeing with her. Bye-bye! I’ll be moving on. Welcome those who disagree with you. Be kind, be professional. You never know who is reading your book.

Remember, an opinion is just that, an opinion. I may not agree with something, but will my opinion change the world? Probably not. But if you want to post it, be sure to have research to back up your idea. Be open to those who might disagree and be kind to them. Remember, everyone has the right to an opinion.

Just because something is for writers, doesn’t mean it’s for you. As a Christian writer, I see all kinds of self righteous so called Christians who think they have the right to bash religions, people, pastors, **CoughJoelOlsteenCough* and I’ve learned that the blog that I thought would help my writing career was a waste of time. So I pray that God will lead my steps. The people that I didn’t think would help me are the ones who were my angels So check out everything before jumping on board.

Be yourself!! I’m an out of the closet Nerd and I started my own Nerd blog called Nerds Rule, Others Drool. I plan to put all my lovely nerdy stuff on it. Some so called Christians look at that in horror, but it’s who I am and what I am. I love it and plan to swim in it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Study marketing techniques. Yeap, you have to market your book. So try to come up with ideas. I’ll go later into the marketing later.

Listen to critics, listen to those who have gone before you. Don’t think you know it all. Guess what? You don’t! There is always someone who knows more.

Well, that’s the end of this blog post. My writers’ group will be here soon and they are amazing writers!

God Bless, folks!

Platforms aren’t 1970’s shoes.

But don’t I need a platform? And if so, how do I get it?

Platforms aren’t 1970’s high heeled shoes. Nope, they are what a writer stands on to proclaim, HERE I AM!!!READ MY BOOK!!  I’m certainly not an expert on them, but I have learned a bit about them. So how does one make a platform?

Well, they’re not easy to create, but they can be done.

First of all, look at your own life. What do you do outside of writing? Are you an animal rights activist? Are you a pastor of a church? What is your profession? What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies? All of these things can become ‘your platform.’

You don’t have to be published to create the platform, but you do have to let people know what you are doing. Build it and they will come.  If you peek their interest, then they will follow you. If you ignore them, they will ignore you.

So let’s start with what you do now.

The easiest and least expensive is, in my opinion, to start a blog. But you have to let others know that, hey, I have a blog here that I think you might like to read. So create the blog that goes with your interests or profession.

Some moms have created blogs that talk about the hardships and joys of being mommy.

Are you a cop? is a blog on police officers. Here’s on from a police wife’s POV

So you see, you can take your profession and turn it into a blog. And add along with it, here’s my book!! Now you have to get the blog out to the public. That’s where Face book comes in handy. Post the blog post on your page and ask them to pass it onto to their pages. Don’t worry about the numbers, if your blog is good then people will read it.

Now I advise against buying a .com as I had one with 2000 followers. It was pretty cool. Then I got bored with it and stopped posting. And the hackers found me and took it over. That poor blog had so many bugs, an exterminator couldn’t help me. My domain company wanted more money to chase out the hackers on top of the money I was sending them each year/month to keep the blog open. So I gave it up. So just go with the free blogs; they are easier to maintain.

Don’t despise small beginnings. You might have a small following now, but if you keep at it, it will grow.

Another way to create a following is join a writing group either in person or on FB. Yeap, they can help you. Remember, the name of the game is get your name out to the public.  I’ve also had others follow me from writing boards like I put my blog address in my signature and folks hopped over.  But you need to make sure that your information is accurate. You don’t want to sound like an expert when you know nothing at all. You’d be surprised as to how many folks can catch a fib. And it’s hard to get back a damaged reputation.

Who is your target market? Mine is nerds, whom I adore, so I like to hang out at Doctor Who websites and FB pages. I also love Lord of the Rings and hang out at Cosplay boards. Again, it’s a great way for me to say, Hey, I have a book coming out this summer! Check it out. And I love hanging with you all.  And please don’t get all high and mighty regarding others. Everyone puts their pants on the same way. Just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you are better than the non-writers. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Just be yourself and enjoy people

Do movie/book reviews. What did you like or dislike about the subject? What videos on youtube caught your eye and why? I’m into Star Wars and I want to post a great Fan movie a group made revolving SW. I need to do that. Yeap, that’s on my list.

Think of others before yourself. Remember the Golden Rule? Do onto others what you wish they’d do to you. If you put others first by promoting them, they will promote you. What comes around, goes around. Don’t make the blog about you, make it about others. Yes, you can drop in what you are doing now, but lean more to others.

Don’t make your posts super long. Two pages should be enough. Make it fun, not tiresome or difficult to understand. Think of your target market. What do they want to see?

If you are an animal activist, then look around for other groups in your area that deal with the animals. Ask if you can write articles for them or if you can be a guest speaker, but only if you are an ‘expert’ in that field. I.E. you work with other groups or have saved animals and fostered them. Then let others know, I have a blog and here it is. And oh, by the way, here’s my book.

Don’t insult others’ race, religion, gender, sexual preferences. That’s just plain not cool. Keep it to yourself. Remember Prov 18:2: Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.  Only a fool expresses his opinion about someone else’s life. You may not like what that person does, but keep it to yourself. 😉 Be respectful of others.

So what is my platform?

God. He is my major platform and I write mostly about Christian writing and what I’ve learned about the art. I also write about what I’ve learned about Him. Nerds are another platform for me. I adore them and love to drop in nerd stuff. So I’ll hang out with the nerds on different boards with this blog address attached to my signature. It will allow others to pop on over.  I lead a writer’s group through my church and teach lessons on writing. I hope to attend several writing conventions throughout the year to teach writing lessons.  I look for writing tips in others’ writings or movies, then I pass on what I learned and how it helped me.

Keep the blog updated with interesting stuff that your readers will enjoy. Keep the blog site itself updated to keep the hackers out.

It will start small, but never despise small beginnings. Build it and they will come.