Prayers for Paris

As we all now know, terrorists attacked Paris last night. My heart and prayers go to those in Paris. I’m so sorry this happened and know those of us in the United States stand by you and you are all in our prayers. And please, young people, know ISIS is a murderous group. Don’t join them or listen to them. The concert that the terrorist attacked was filled with young people, teens to 20 somethings. Don’t join this satanic group. Hang in there, Paris!


Marketing sure has changed since I took classes 25 years ago. The internet especially Facebook is now the way to go. I’m also learning that not doing anything doesn’t help in the marketing process.

I came across a great marketing blog that I want to study:  I’m also interested in those FB ads that pop up in my newsfeed. I’ve seen a lot of doctors doing Webinars on different Essential oils, which I use daily. I thought, hey, why not do a webinar on how to write? Just something small, like creating interesting characters, or how to write drama. Just something small and sweet and then promote my book. It works for me when I come across those webinars. I’ve signed up for all kinds of webinars. Too bad I forgot most of them. Note to self, send the folks who sign up a reminder because if they are like me, they forget unless it’s on the calendar. So I want to send them a reminder on their phones or into their emails.

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The Cruel Master known as Laziness

I’ve been following a wonderful blog by a young lady named Hannah Brencher  and this week she said some that clicked in my mind:


Trust me, I have wasted time. I have a wasted a lot of time on the things of life that don’t actually matter. I’ve eaten pride like casserole. I’ve loved myself and hated myself a little too much. I should have been studying or cooking or writing or creating but instead I was scrolling through social media accounts to see who had gotten ahead of me. My heart was being vandalized by bitterness, jealousy, and resentment but it was too dark to call them out by name.

I have wrestled to get off the phone. I have found watching the lives of other people to be easier than facing my own junk. But no one is going to clear out your own emptiness. When your dreams go unfulfilled because you didn’t start the work, the world won’t even know how to be heartbroken by the loss of things that would have made them better people. That’s the thing about the things you don’t do: you carry the loss.

You decide to either follow after what matters most to you or you follow other people. You either build people up or tear them down in your heart because you think they’re getting what you deserved and wanted. You build a Hunger Games arena in your brain and, as a result, you can’t stop hiding in the trees.

I don’t want to hear God say, “You cared more about following people than me. You were supposed to feed the others, not follow them.”

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Fanfiction and Copyright laws

I love fanfiction. I do some myself and I enjoy reading others’ fanfiction work. But we need to remember, fanfiction is still under copyright laws. I came across a person who decided to self-publish his own fanfiction novel based on an established character. Ouch!!!  Writing fanfiction and copying the work to a fanfiction website is still pretty iffy. Self-publishing it is a definite no-no!! Continue reading “Fanfiction and Copyright laws”

How’s the weather?

So one of my amazingly talented writers asked me a very important question:

So what’s the weather like in your novel?

The weather? Um ….. 70’s degrees and very sunny?

Sigh … I forgot about the weather!! So why is weather so important in the novel? Well, warm and sunny can get a bit, well, boring!!

Using the weather can create drama. Remember the movie Twister? Remember who the bad guy was? Yeap, a Twister. Twister had to have his own dressing trailer and would only eat the red M&Ms.  Very cranky too. But remember the suspense when the sky became dark and Twister was released on the viewers? Wouldn’t work if the weather was 70 and sunny.

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I’m back!!

Yeah, I know, I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been working on the second book of my series, The Last Maul.  My first novel, Hidden Secrets, should hopefully be out next Spring, which is a great time! I don’t like winter. i hate the thought of driving in all that snow.

The things I’ve learned about writing a novel is you have to know how to write and know your grammar! My poor publisher now has writer’s cramp from fixing my boo-boos. So make sure  you know your P and Qs.

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