Marketing sure has changed since I took classes 25 years ago. The internet especially Facebook is now the way to go. I’m also learning that not doing anything doesn’t help in the marketing process.

I came across a great marketing blog that I want to study:  I’m also interested in those FB ads that pop up in my newsfeed. I’ve seen a lot of doctors doing Webinars on different Essential oils, which I use daily. I thought, hey, why not do a webinar on how to write? Just something small, like creating interesting characters, or how to write drama. Just something small and sweet and then promote my book. It works for me when I come across those webinars. I’ve signed up for all kinds of webinars. Too bad I forgot most of them. Note to self, send the folks who sign up a reminder because if they are like me, they forget unless it’s on the calendar. So I want to send them a reminder on their phones or into their emails.

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