Well, I made it to the so-called ‘Big Time’.

So I”m back again after some bad things happening and going down a dark, depressing road. I am back though.  And I aim to stay.

So the book is now out in a book store, you can order it online, some folks think I”m talented and amazing and how does it feel? Busy, overwhelmed and unsure how to sell the book despite my marketing degree.  Does it feel great? It did, but it lasted for maybe about a few days, then reality hit, how do I sell this thing?? I have no idea.

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Success, part 2

I’m adding a bit to my success post because I want it it to stand alone. This really touched me and changed my whole view on success.

In 1940, Walt Disney’s daughters fell in love with the book Mary Poppins and for twenty years, Walt tried to persuaded PT Travers to sell him the rights to her book. In 1961, she agreed but she had control over the movie. Two composers, Richard and Robert Sherman, wrote a song called Feed the Birds.

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